Wonder when your baby starts to reduce naps? How many naps should your baby have around 8 or 9 months? Watch to find out!

Babies typically start to drop to 2 naps around 8 months. They’re often keen to drop their late afternoon nap first and most babies will do this themselves. What’s challenging is, this is the power afternoon nap that got them through to bedtime!

To help with the transition, try and push the early afternoon nap back. Even if it’s just 10 minutes gradually over a few days. The key is trying to get them to wake later in the afternoon as close to 4pm (for a 7pm bedtime) as possible so they are able to get through until bedtime not too overtired.

If you can do this then keep bedtime the same so they maintain their normal routine e.g. 7am – 7pm, or whatever your family’s schedule is. If not, then bring bedtime forward by 30-45 minutes and gradually push it back out in 5-10 minute intervals over the coming days and weeks.

As mad as it sounds, the more tired the baby is, the less easily they go down at night. Having a baby that’s super tired at bedtime can actually make it much more of a struggle for you and them.

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