A staggering 80% of young people surveyed agreed that the recent pandemic and global uncertainty has affected their mental health. There has been a huge rise in anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses which has overwhelmed schools and NHS services. This has highlighted the significant gaps in current mental health support, with students reporting long wait times for treatment, school counselling sessions being cut and a lack of faith in the systems in place.

During this workshop, students will understand how to look after their own mental health through positive movement and wellbeing techniques. They’ll work through movements that will calm the mind and release any tension that may be stored in the body. The session ends with a guided meditation that gives them the tools they need to manage any anxieties or challenges that come up day to day and leave them feeling more positive and ready for the day.

During the sessions students learn:

  • That exercise is for everyone, no matter age, shape or physical fitness level – Introduction into Pilates.
  • How movement can improve your mental health
  • How to free up tension and stress in the body
  • A powerful breathing technique that helps to reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation
  • How to deal with difficult thoughts and emotions with a guided meditation

Workshop delivery:

  • Up to 30 people
  • One hour in duration
  • In person session
  • 15-20 minutes Q&A after the session

This can also be delivered in a course of sessions in smaller groups (10 maximum) for students who would benefit from more in-depth and tailored support.

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