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Undergoing fertility treatment can be a time-consuming, stressful and lengthy process. It can also be a legal minefield for fertility patients, prospective parents and families in the UK. At present, legislation giving workersโ€™ legal rights and protections is structured around being pregnant and then going on to have a baby. This is problematic for fertility patients because the period when they are undergoing treatment (but not yet pregnant) is not adequately catered for in law.ย  This can leave workers undergoing fertility treatment in difficult situations. As a result, law reform is badly needed in the UK and much more needs to be done to support those undergoing fertility treatment in the workplace.

Do I have a legal right to time off work for fertility treatment?

There is currently no legal entitlement to time off work (paid or unpaid) to undergo fertility treatment. Legal rights to time off work only start upon pregnancy, although case law says a woman is deemed to be pregnant upon embryo transfer until otherwise confirmed (e.g. following a negative pregnancy test result two weeks later).
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