Confidence is a skill, that can be learnt and practised. Confidence holds an important role in most elements of a personโ€™s life. When a good level of confidence is present, employees can thrive in their careers, but without it, their careers can be hindered significantly.

How to build confidence at work

This workshop is open to all employees who want to uncover the confident version of themselves. Employees will leave this session with an understanding of why the brain does what it does when it comes to self-confidence and self-belief, and how to be more confident at work.

They will say goodbye to old habits that hinder them and hello to new habits that will support them in building up everyday confidence, success, and happiness.

How the workshop is delivered:

  • Two hours, online or in-person workshop.
  • Tools and techniques empower them to build their confidence.
  • Provides invaluable conversation and connection between employees in the business.
  • Follow-up PDF, including a summary of the tools and techniques shared.
  • This workshop would be for up to a total of 15 employees.

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