BlossBirthBirth preparation

Hi, I’m Sam Meachin, I’m a hypnobirthing teacher and here are a few of my top tips to prepare for birth.

Lots of people ask me whether they all know what to do in labor, and if their body will even be able to give birth.

So my answer to this, to reassure them is that yes, your birthing body is incredible and it knows exactly what to do.

So it’s all about giving your body and yourself the right environment. And in that right environment, in most cases, birth will happen and unfold. Your body will know exactly what to do and exactly when to do it.

And it’s so important for you to trust your body and have confidence in what your body is able to do.

And I think there’s lots of ways that hypnobirthing can help with that. And it learning about the intricate and beautiful little changes that might happen and will happen before and during labor.

And hypnobirthing is a great way to help give you the tools and the confidence to build trust in your body so that it knows, and you know exactly what you’re doing in labor.

So yes, you will know what to do. Your body will help you along the way.