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Women are an ever-growing part of the economy. As of July 2022 it was estimated that 4.5 million employees were women aged 50-65. BUPA reported that 900,000 women had left their job due to symptoms related to the menopause when they received little menopause support. 99% of women surveyed suffered at least one symptom because of declining hormones. The top symptoms were poor sleep (81%) and poor concentration/problems with memory (75%). Overall, it is estimated that the menopause costs the UK economy a staggering 14 million working days per year!

Given the extensive effects that the menopause can have on women, it is time to educate and enlighten individuals on how to successfully navigate the menopause. This will be an inspiring and informative workshop to demystify and simplify how to best approach this time in life to ensure your mental and physical wellbeing is not affected.

How we offer menopause support

Areas covered

  • What is the menopause and why it is more than just getting through the hot flushes?
  • What hormones are changing and how do they affect different aspects of your body?
  • What is hormone replacement therapy? Do you need it? Are there different types? For how long should you take it? Is it safe?
  • The why behind stubborn weight gain, your metabolism, poor sleep and forgetfulness.
  • Estrogen and your gut health: your changing metabolism and your blood sugar.
  • How to fix it: learning your own menopause support

How the workshop is delivered

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Online or face to face
  • Number of Attendees: no limit
  • Includes a Q+A

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