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Discussing the subject of men’s health, the most common health issues men face and why / how to mitigate risks through positive lifestyle choices etc.

Covering issues men tend not to talk about but are leading health risks for them such as prostate cancer, sexual health, fertility & mental health and what can be done to improve these issues.

Why focus on Men’s Health? It’s a fact that there is gender inequality in health. Men are more likely to die younger than women (one in five men die before the age of 65 – that’s 20% of men who won’t reach retirement age). Why? Because they are at higher risk of serious health issues such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancer such as prostate and testicular, and mental health issues such as depression and suicide. Again, particularly right now with Covid, the pressure for men to keep it all together is even higher.

Why is the risk greater for men? Research shows that men are less healthy than women, with more likelihood to smoke, drink alcohol to excess and be overweight or obese. Men are also less likely to visit a healthcare professional or GP, putting off a health check until their symptoms can no longer be ignored. Further studies show that men who suffer frequent bouts of depression are 40% more likely to develop heart disease.

Aim of workshop – Knowledge is power.

It’s a fact that men with unhealthy lifestyles are more at risk of illness and disease.  So, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the biggest single thing they can do to help reduce this risk. This includes eating healthily, taking regular exercise, relieving stress and addressing poor mental health. We want men to feel comfortable to discuss any issues in this confidential safe space with experts in their field.

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