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“ I wish I hadn’t taken the time to learn about my body’s amazing birth power…”


This is important.

I want you to feel like an utter Goddess in your chosen birthing space. To be confident, informed, educated and within the realm of power and choice. This is not a time to be laidback and to just go with the flow.

This is the time to be the BOSS and leading lady in your own birthing experience. As Milli Hill writes ‘Your body, your baby, your choice’ and you need to be one calling the shots. Birthing to me is a holistic and sacred process that is something to be treasured, remembered warmly and with the knowledge that it takes power, strength and so much courage to not just make, create, grow and nurture a baby but to bring them earth-side whilst transitioning into motherhood. It is not easy and we need to make sure we invest in ourselves to prepare the best we can.

Currently in our society we are travelling so quickly and at such pace that we have forgotten our inner power and birthing wisdom. We rarely have time to breathe and take stock of just what miracles are within us. There is a disconnect and and our relationship with our bodies could be so much better. We can’t always hear our intuition over the noise of the morning commute or the chatter of city life or our phones. But during this time it is important to start to check in with our inner selves, the one that whispers but speaks such truth.


It starts with a conscious moment. A tuning in and a decision. Many women come to yoga during pregnancy as they feel a call to be with themselves and deep dive into their amazing body. It is not always easy and there can be a lot of emotion released as we work through the chakras and fear melting exercises to help clear the way for the main focus of birth and motherhood as we journey together through this rite of passage. It’s a one time event every time you give birth but the experience will last a life time and stay with you always.

For me movement is medicine and when we find our ebb and flow and our rhythm we can move and sway and continue as water does across and through any obstacle in our path – shapeshifting as we find our route, our path, the right way for us.

A message from Aimee:

Taking the time to know you better will be the best thing you did during pregnancy and can even begin before conception. To really get to know YOU. The light and the shadows, knowing what it feels like to be in your body, your heart and your mind.

You totally deserve to OWN YOUR BIRTHING EXPERIENCE and I am here to help guide you to your intuition, realise your power and to help you trust this sacred process of creation.


Top tips for the birth of your dreams

  • Invest in good birth preparation/ antenatal classes
  • practice affirmations and visualisations
  • Move – exercise and keep active
  • Create your Labour Lounge

If you would like to know more then please book in a discovery call and see how we can help you step into your birth power!


Love Aimee x