Generations of children have grown up hearing, "Don't sit so close; you'll ruin your eyes!"  I remember it myself, and today's generation is no exception. Despite the fears, whilst looking at a screen for hours on end may lead to temporary eyestrain, a direct result in complete blindness or damage to the brain is incredibly far-fetched! Phew.The impact of screen time on the child's brain has been debated for decades. One of the most prominent critics, author and educator, Neil Postman, widely claimed that TV can erode children's linguistic abilities and their ability to handle mathematical symbolism.Although there are countless articles into the harmful effects of the developing brain, counter research has also put forward compelling arguments and studies. No wonder the subject of screen time can be so baffling and divisive amongst us parents!Baffles aside, at the heart of these debates are concerned parents who only want to do right for their children and give them the best start in life. We take our daily folic acid, avoid smoking, play them classical music, Freddie the Firefly in hand, all in the name of healthy development.But some of us would switch on Baby TV or an iPad without really knowing the impact it's having on their young and underdeveloped brains. You see, most brain development takes place during a short yet crucial period, from birth to about the age of 7.
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