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Downloadable Guide | Supporting Your Employee's Journey to Parenthood in 2023

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Access some of the most popular resources on fertility/pregnancy and returning to work for HR and managers in the workplace in our bloss handbook.

We have collated some of the best pieces of content on our website covering the following topics:

  • HOW TO SUPPORT EMPLOYEES UNDERGOING FERTILITY TREATMENT: Bloss fertility coach Sandy Christiansen explores how employers can support employees undergoing IVF.
  • HOW TO SUPPORT PREGNANT EMPLOYEES IN THE WORKPLACE: Do you know your employees’ pregnancy rights? Learn how to support pregnant employees at work and avoid pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.
  • HOW TO SUPPORT AN EMPLOYEE FOLLOWING A MISCARRIAGE: The devastating effects of a miscarriage can impact all aspects of life, including the workplace. We explain how companies can support employees after a miscarriage.
  • GUIDE TO MATERNITY LEAVE POLICIES FOR SMALL ORGANISATIONS: We explain what employers from small organisations need to know about statutory maternity leave for their employees.

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