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Are you due to have a c section but feel really unprepared? Here’s some top tips from The Mummy Concierge on what you can do NOW to make the experience as good as possible!⠀⠀

? move things closer to your bed and sofa so you can reach them without getting up⠀⠀

? buy cotton pants that are high enough to cover your c-section wound, such as full briefs that come up to your waist⠀⠀

? make sure you m know how to use the alarm on your phone so that after the c section you can set alarms to remind you when to take your pain medication ⠀⠀

? have a supply of peppermint tea on hand for after your c section, as it can help relieve painful trapped wind which is very common after an op.⠀⠀

? have pain relief, bottles of water and nappy changing supplies in different parts of the house so You don’t have to go up and down the stairs too often.’⠀⠀

? a coat hanger can be really useful for picking things off the floor!⠀⠀

? make sure you have a pillow for your car ride home from the hospital so you can hold it against your scar if you go over any bumps in the road.⠀⠀

? a long phone charger lead so you can always have it charged and close to hand without having to get up, especially whilst in hospital.

?  A “next to me” cot such as snuzuk can be really helpful as it means you don’t have to get out of bed and pick up the baby when they need feeding.

Important things to ask before you leave the hospital 

The Mummy Concierge’s Guide To: Things to ask before you leave the hospital

It’s not uncommon for a new mummy to feel completely overwhelmed on the day that she leaves hospital. You’ve got a new baby, are about to head home to a whole new world, and your mind is all a muddle – it’s to easy to forget to ask the hospital staff the important questions you’ll regret not asking one. So here’s a list. Save it so you don’t lose it! ⠀⠀

1. Ask a midwife to show you how to swaddle. ⠀⠀

2. Ask how to take care of the umbilical cord⠀⠀

3. Corner a midwife and ask her to show you how to bathe your baby (or watch my video on my IGTV which shows you how!)⠀⠀

4. Ask the best way to cut a baby’s nails⠀⠀

5. Ask a midwife to watch you breastfeed and give you as many tips as possible (I suggest actually writing these down so you have notes to refer back to)⠀⠀

6. Some obstetricians (especially if you have having your baby privately) will give you their mobile phone number – so make sure you don’t forget to ask ⠀⠀

7. Ask about pain relief and again, WRITE IT DOWN SO YOU DON’T FORGET ⠀⠀

8. ask a nurse to take a photo of you in your hospital bed. I promise it will be one you treasure.⠀⠀

9. See if you’re allowed to take home some newborn nappies that the baby has been wearing in hospital. They will be used to them and it will save time stressing when you are at home when you realise you pre ordered all size 1 nappies and they are all too big!⠀⠀